Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Music by Vickie Phillips and Michael Rheault

In addition to the radio play, performed by an excellent cast, sound design by the excellent Jaz Tupelo, and an insightful panel discussion, Saturday night's program will include music from the early 20th century. The music was selected to support the themes of the radio, and will be performed by the incomparable duo of Vickie Phillips and Michael Rheault. (See The Cast page for their bios.)

Musical selections will include a medley of pieces selected by Vickie and Michael to begin the show: Oh It's a Lovely War (J.P. Long & Maurice Scott) We Don't Want to Lose You (Paul Rubens) Goodbye-ee (R.P. Weston & Bert Lee) Sons Of (Jacques Brel) Come Away Melinda  (Uriah Heep), and they will also sing the iconic tune Over There (Cohan), from which Johnny Got His Gun takes its title.

Vickie and Michael will being the second half of the performance with Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree and I'll Be Seeing You, two very popular tunes from the World War II era.

We hope to see you there. Order your tickets by following this link.

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